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Loya17y Cosmetics started July 27, 2020 making natural hair and skin care products from our home to yours during the

worlds life changing pandemic.  Before the pandemic I started cosmetology school in October of 2019, graduated in June

of 2021 with my Cosmetology License.  During time spent in school we embarked on this pandemic putting everyone at a stand

still school was online and living this new way of life allowed me to take time out to study deeper into hair, skin, natural herbs, butters, carrying and holistic therapeutic essential oils with a goal and mission to accommodate men and women.

In 2018, I started suffering with major hair loss due to medications, surgeries, stress due to a car accident January 27, 2017.  I was hit by a fire truck causing me to become disabled undergoing multiple surgeries in my neck and back following losing my brother to murder then having to shut down my daycare all in 2018.  My physical injuries and limitation gotten worse putting a lot of stress on my nerves causing tremendous damage to my hair and more taking different types of medications that was and is detrimental to my, yours, our hair, skin, body, internal and external organs.  July of 2020 I got tired of going through the pain and suffering prayed on it study even harder then started creating.  God heard my prayers and delivered me into the right place, space, time and directions to start my own formulations that would help with your hair and skin health, growth and development for your overall beauty care.


We as consumers spend thousands of dollars using products that is loaded with harsh and unhealthy chemicals that we don't need.  Our hair and skin deserve the best why not invest into an all natural non toxic mango butter based products.  Once I saw the fast results my family and I achieved we took L17 to the public and the results was amazing.  Spending so much of our hard earned monies on a day to day basis to maintain a physical appearance in a presentable way can become very frustrating so when you invest you want to achieving your end goal.  Loya17y Cosmetics is here to help you do just that.  Trust the Process.  Thanks you for becoming a part of our family I pray that L17 can fulfill all of your beauty care desires, wants, needs and look forward to continuing this family business with you in the near future be safe and God bless you. 



Loya17y Cosmetics

What Is Loya17y Cosmetics Main Ingredients? 🤔

Mango, kokum, avocado, lemon butters, a combination of over 50 carrying, essential and holistic oils, oat milk, flax seed, aloe gel, rose, aloe and distilled water, black soap, glycerin, plant based driven preservatives that are beneficial for your overall care.  Infuse natural herbs and seeds in a Mango carrying oil giving the scalp, mane and skin the full benefits and affect without any toxic additive or harmful ingredients.

Hair Line Contains: Mango, lemon, avocado, kokum butters, essential, holistic, carrying oils, infused herbs and seeds as main ingredients.

Skin and Lip Line Contains: Shea, coconut and lemon butter, essential and carrying oils as main ingredients.

Shelf life: Varies from 6 months through 5 years depending on product dates are listed in details.


Who do We Cater To? 🤔 Women, men and children of all hair and skin types our products will help you to achieve

healthier hair and skin care, growth, nourishment, moisture, PH balance, rejuvenation, eliminate hair loss and damages, treatments

to your external and internal organs, aroma therapy benefits, assist with soothing other underlying health conditions, pains and aches such as

headaches, the health and protection of your epidermis, follicles, cuticles, roots, thickness, dry brittle hair, hair fall, thinning, scalp treatment,

eczema, psoriasis, chemically treated hair, male balding patterns, alopecia sufferer's, androgenic alopecia, DHT blocker's, fungus, unwanted marks, lines, dry skin, wrinkles, acne suffers and much more....  

Our goal is to make your experience and journey something that you would never forget and always coming back too.  When you shop Loya17y Cosmetics you are guarantee to achieve what your heart desires with more than you expected in fewer bottles leaving your bathroom cabinet with space.  "By The Way Don't Expect Much Soap Suds & Please Shake Well... Remember it's All Natural."  So now that your comfortable with Loya17y Cosmetics and what we have to offer please visit our shop and purchase what would make your hair and body happy and content.  Thank you in advance and may God be a blessing to you 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾. 


Home Based Lab

Always keep your faith in God.  Without faith where would we be.  Stay focus and work hard at everything your heart desires.


Snacks Fortune, CEO/Owner
License Cosmologist
Specialize in Natural Hair, Colorist and Short Cutz
Certified Hair Loss, Male Balding Pattern, Holistic Treatments
, Covid-19 & Barbicide and more.

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